The Home Page of Ned Braatz

The following links contain the ancestral trees of my heritage:

Please browse through them. If you have any connections with any of our families, please let us know.

  My Ancestors, An Inverted Tree .. Here is the upside-down tree, showing all my known ancestors.

  The Ferdinand Julius Braatz Branch .. My Father's Paternal Family.

  The George Peep Branch .. The Issac Preston Branch .. The John Reynolds Branch ..The James Leonard Branch..Branches of my Father's Maternal Family.

  The Karl Gottlieb Ratsch Branch .. My Mother's Paternal Family.

  The Michael Truber Branch .. My Mother's Maternal Family.


  My Full Database .. Here is the current state of my "work in progress"..

I am involved in a joint project to document as many Braatz/Bratz ancestors as possible, in the hopes of bringing families together by identifying common relationships where ever possible. Please visit the Braatz/Braatz site at:     Braatz Family Homepage at 

If you by chance are a knitter or know someone who knits, please visit my wife, Ruth's great website at:
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